The Flexible Traveller’s Guide to Rainy Rennes

Rennes center 2015


If you’re going to Rennes on a long weekend break, make sure to take your umbrella with you.

I checked the weather forecast more as a wishful thinking than anything, because on an early-April trip, I knew what I would find there. Rainy Rennes. Anyone who’s ever been to the Bretagne region in France knows you’ll get a bit of rain in the mix any time of year you go. It can be spring, middle of summer or torrid (elsewhere!) August; in Rennes you’ll get some rain.

So, to take what this city has best to offer on such a wet forecast, we planned our day at the Musee de Bretagne, Brittany’s museum, looking forward to discovering the history of France through advertising posters. Managing an umbrella and jumping sidewalk water pools is Continue reading

High on Love: Robbie Williams Concert in Barcelona 2015

Robbie Williams Concert Barcelona 2015

I hadn’t listened to Robbie Williams for a long time the day I read he would be going on a new world tour. All of a sudden, my teenage memories of him surfaced, my favorite song started playing in my head and I knew I must see him.

Stepping on the floor of Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona, I tried to wrap my head around the fact that I was about to see Robbie with my own eyes. That Robbie who was my favorite of all Take That guys growing up. That cute bad-boy with thick eyebrows, baby face and corny ’90s outfits. That Robbie who was staring at me from my childhood bedroom posters up the wall.

The last 20 minutes before the show started it seemed like the watch on my wrist was blocked. Continue reading

eShow Barcelona 2015: Lessons and Takeaways

When you attend an industry event, do you still expect to get groundbreaking information about your sector? I don’t anymore.

Like at this year’s edition of the eShow in Barcelona, where I heard that push marketing costs 3 times more than pull marketing. Nothing new, but more mainstream now, everyone starts to see the value of pull marketing, or inbound marketing, as they also call it.

eShow Barcelona 2015

Attending this year’s 10th edition of the eShow in Barcelona (the fair and conference spot for all things e-commerce and digital marketing) I’ve gained a few fresh perspectives about the sector. Here they are:

Content is (still) king: is this good news or bad news?

Continue reading

3 Ways to Spend a Great Rainy Day in Barcelona


Barcelona under the rain is not herself. Other cities, much more used to constant rain, like Hamburg in Germany, are adapted to life under the splashing drops from heaven. They’ve even built fake roofs on narrow streets so people can walk under them. But Barcelona, the lady of sunshine, the land of warm and fuzzy days, when soaked under the rain retreats inside herself. She is bowing her head, the surrounding hills Tibidabo or Montjuic weighing down like a hunchback.

If you happen to visit the city and the weather surprises you with rain, don’t get bummed, there are plenty of ways to enjoy Barcelona under an umbrella too. Just make sure to have a transparent one to see the sights from under it. Continue reading

Go Travel and Let the World Educate You

Travel as education

Travel – the class we should all enroll in.

Ask anyone you know, and they will all tell you they love to travel.

Everyone is excited about the prospect of leaving the daily routine, obligations and stress and flying off to a desired location. That’s because on holiday we enjoy life more. As travellers, suddenly the morning sunrise has special colors, we carefully taste the flavors of the meals we eat. We really look, and see, the city we stroll through. When we find ourselves in an unfamiliar setting, we are more aware of everything around.

And when you have your eyes and senses truly awake, that’s the best time to open your mind for the lessons from the road. Because travel is not just leisure. Travel is education. Continue reading

6 Lessons on Content Strategy from ConfabEU Barcelona

Last week, Barcelona, Spain, was the host of the most important content strategy (CS) meeting of the year: Confab EU. Europe’s greatest and finest professionals gathered with overseas pros to share their expertise on everything content strategy.

The 3-day conference was packed full with almost 30 talks about content-related advice, challenges and new trends. Keeping up with all of it and taking in all the valuable insight was a true test. I’m sharing six main lessons I took home, from the talks I was able to attend:

ConfabEU Barcelona 2014 speech

1. It’s all about your audience and their (content) needs.

Long gone are the days when you could publish on your web only information about yourself, your company, your great team, your unique services. Now the roles have changed. You must research, understand and cater to your audience. Find out what they want to Continue reading

Discovering the Identity of Lisbon through the Azulejos


Square, shiny ceramic tiles, colorfully painted, cover the city. They cover its walls, its tabletops, its staircase banisters. Its bathroom and powder room interiors, its churches inside and out.

All around, azulejos.

They take their name from the Persian al zulayj, meaning Continue reading